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Northampton Wildlife and Habitats Protection Organization




To identify, preserve and enhance wildlife and its habitats in Northampton Township




A township with thriving wildlife, habitats and natural balance with residents for generations to enjoy




Nature and importance to protect it from pollution, intrusion and destruction

Passing on a beautiful and naturally balanced township to future generations

Saving taxpayer money in both the short term and long term



1 - Identify wildlife habitats and corridors that connect them


2 - Preserve and protect wildlife, habitats and corridors from pollution, intrusion and destruction from outside sources


3 - Enhance wildlife, habitats and natural food and water opportunities where there are little or none in the township through education of adjacent communities and homeowners


4 - Recruit homeowners to become stewards of the land, water and wildlife by preserving and enhancing the existing natural habitats that lie on or adjacent to their properties


5 - Create a contagious sense of pride by publicly recognizing those who voluntarily participate in the Stewardship Program

For information on how you can participate, please complete the form and click Send. 

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