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Here is some of the work of the Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust.   These are some species that live along the trail in park areas that can support them.  These species will not survive a rail trail in Northampton as the narrow wooded corridor will have to be torn out to accomodate the proposed road.    

Chalfont, Bucks County, values its nature, as this article points out.  Let's value our birds in Northampton, not destroy their habitat in the wildlife corridor.  The story begins on page 1 of the Bucks County Herald (June 15, 2017) and continues on page 40. click here for the entire newspaper or see the article excerpt  below:

Protecting Bucks Wildlife Bucks County H

The same issue of the Bucks County Herald (June 15, 2017) features a story about a local tour of homeowner backyard native gardens.  We are working to have a similar backyard wildlife habitat recognition program in Northampton Township.

Resident Gardens Bucks Co Herald.png
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